The world is your limit when it comes to upgrading your car with different accessories- there are always new and improved gadgets and products coming out. The most popular electronics based jobs we do are listed, but not limited to;
- After market Radios
- DVD players
- Speakers/ Subs/ Amps
- Keyless Entry
- Power Locks
- Power Windows
- Autodim mirrors with features such as compass, temperature, camera, homelink
- Back up cameras
- Back up sensors/ blind spot monitoring system
- Homelink systems
- Bluetooth
- Satellite Radio
- Cruise Control
- Remote Start
- Alarms
- LED Lighting Kits(exterior and interior)
- Aftermarket Headlights/Tailights
- Foglamps

If you dont see what you're looking for,or if you have any questions, give us a call and we'd be happy to help.

-Some brands we use often that offer cool products-
Brand Motion


Gentex Mirrors